Chris Stigall Holds KC Mayor Accountable

I recommend listening to the Friday’s With Funk podcast from the May 28Chris Stigall Show on KCMO 710 AM in Kansas City.  Since Mark Funkhouser became mayor of Kansas City, Chris has had him on his show on Fridays for a Q&A session.

Yesterday, the Mayor and Kansas City’s City Council voted to reprimand Arizona’s immigration law.  In the podcast, Chris holds the Mayor accountable.  You don’t often hear radio like this. Typically hosts treat their guests well to keep them coming back.  Guests don’t like hostile environments.  Chris lets the Mayor have it.

The biggest shocker of the segment is that the Mayor has not even read Arizona’s law.

I agree with Chris’s point.  Whatever you think of the Arizona law, it should be a non-issue for the elected officials of Kansas City.  That’s Arizona’s business.  Funk tries to make the point that a similar law could be in Missouri.  But, it’s not now.

This was a clear waste of city government official’s time.  They were not elected to pass judgment on laws of other states.  They were elected to pass laws for the City and run the City services.  If they want to use their personal time to write opinion pieces about what they think of Arizona’s law, fine.  It’s a free country.

But misusing their elected positions to convey the opinion is ludicrous.  It shows how out of touch and elitists politicians have become.  Most don’t know their job description.

3 thoughts on “Chris Stigall Holds KC Mayor Accountable

  1. No joke. The bigger shocker is that we let them get away with it. I posted this podcast because the show host let him have it. As we all should.

    I really don’t care much if the Mayor or anybody is for or against the Arizona law, but if you’re going to take an action like this against it, be ready to explain the logic behind it. Do your basic homework, the stuff I learned to do in grade school, in public schools.

  2. It’s about time somebody publicly holds the Major and City Council responsible for their actions. That group has done everything and anything except attend to the needs of K.C. The comments they made to Arizona insinuated that they were speaking for and representing the opinion of the whole of K.C. It’s as bizzar an action as the ordeal they have put the city through over the major’s wife. The city is in need of the kind of attention that, that group is incapable of giving. It’s embarrassing to have such stupid, noncarying, no clue officials incharge of anything in K.C. The least they could’ve done, was have one of their famous “meetings” with the people who live here and asked if everyone thought the same way as they do before they spoke for everyone.


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