Great Tea Party Podcasts

Catching up with my Dennis Miller podcasts from the past week, I came across three exceptional podcasts:

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Download and listen to these three podcasts:

Andrew Breitbart Interview – April 13, 2010

John Stossel Interview – April 15, 2010

Greg Gutfeld Interview – April 15, 2010

Greg Gutfeld and Miller were discussing comments made by Ted Koppel about media.  Koppel apparently longs for the days of three networks.  Apparently, he doesn’t like the competition from the cable and internet.  As Gutfeld puts it:

You know what he actually said.  He said the real problem here is competition.  He’s saying “in the good old days when the three networks didn’t have to try, when we could just do whatever we wanted because there was nothing else.  And now, all these cable stations came in and now we have to work for a living.

Miller:  That’s a stupid thing to say.

Gutfeld: The hair is growing inward, Dennis.

Miller: That’s such a closed-minded, provincial thing to say on his [Koppel’s] part.

Later Miller makes this excellent point (though I’m sure I’ve butchered a few of Miller’s references):

It amazes me that the people who always thought of themselves as that outras, the guys popping the bird at the guardsmen in Chicago and the Mayor Daleys’ pig forces and all that.

Now they’re literally the same people sidling up to tea parties because the tea parties have to be brought down because the tea parties want less government intervention in their life.  I mean, it’s almost like the Stockholm syndrome.

Gutfeld: You know what it is?  It’s all these people who said how great it was to “Speaking Truth to Power” are actually seeing it happen and they don’t want it.

Great points. The people who use to protest against power and corruption are now in power and are corrupt and don’t seem take well to people protesting against their power.

As a personal example, on the heels of Obama’s election a friend of mine proudly explained how he got himself involved in the grassroots movement to get Obama elected and change things he felt strongly about and that if I feel strongly about something and would like to see it changed, that’s the way to do it.

Literally five months later, I attended a tea party by accident and found out what it was all about.  I told my same friend about this and said that it looks like the tea partiers are taking his advice and forming a grassroots movement.

Rather than being flattered by this, he was annoyed.  He made fun of the tea party and the movement.  He laid out a bunch of unsubstantiated name calls.   I tried to tell him that the name calls (racists, bigots, rednecks) didn’t seem to fit the profile of the people I saw at the tea party I happened to be at.

Look up the definitions of closed-minded and hypocrite.


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