Now, my responses to her letter:
“They think this is saving the country money. What they do not realize is that the portion they don’t pay gets thrown back at the rest of us in higher insurance premiums and health care costs.”
I disagree.  How is it that a tea partier bargaining for health care services is any different than an insurance company doing the same?   I think Ms. Edwards is confusing tea partiers that receive health care and pay with those who receive health care and do not pay.  The former does not increase our overall health costs.  The latter does.

“The fallacy in this form of logic is clear: Even responsible people get sick. Even responsible people get hit by drunken drivers.”
It is not evident that Ms. Edwards asked the tea partiers what they would do if stricken with illness or injury that would have medical bills they could not afford.  Her letter reads as if she assumes they are not prepared for a such an event, but it is not clearly established whether that assumption is true or not.
If it is true that they were not financially prepared for such an event, then these people are not exhibiting the personal responsibility.


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