What’s right and what’s wrong with blogs

What I like about blogs are that they get info distributed quickly and sustain a reasonable amount of exchange and feedback about the topics of the day.

I also use my blog to maintain information I find useful and would like to be able to reference with ease when the topic arises in a future discussion.  I use the “Search” function on my blogs plenty for that reason.

What I don’t like about blogs is that they don’t allow for a deeper exchange of information and ideas about specific topics.  I feel like blogs basically skip along on top of the topics du jour and just when the conversation is getting good and people are beginning to understand the opposing viewpoints, the new, hot topic comes along and breaks off the old conversation.

I’m not sure exactly what the answer is to the second part, but there has to be an answer.  Wiki perhaps?

1 thought on “What’s right and what’s wrong with blogs

  1. I agree on both accounts. But at least there are some comment systems that do facilitate going back and rehashing things out, like Disqus that Cafe Hayek uses.


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