A Must Read

I’m re-posting the link to last week’s Walter Williams column: Conflict or Cooperation.

It’s one of the best columns I’ve read in a long-time and it has gotten better over the past week as I’ve had time to think about it more.

Williams’ column expresses the same ideas expressed in the three paragraphs I posted from Thomas Sowell’s Applied Economics here on March 16.

Maybe it’s the combination of the two pieces of work that are hitting hard.  These are things that I’ve understood for awhile, but it’s more than just understanding this.

This is IT.

This is why government doesn’t work as effectively as the private sector.  This is why everybody uses the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) as the standard example for bad service.  This is why the post office is not making money and relying taxpayers to fund the loss.  This is why government health care around the world will eventually crumble away.  This is the bare essence of why we shouldn’t entrust large swaths of our lives to government.

This is why the founders of this country wrote a Constitution to try to restrain the power of government in favor of individual liberty and this is why individual liberty works better for all of us.

We just have to figure out a way to get more people to understand it.

2 thoughts on “A Must Read

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