A Must Read

Want to know why the nation seems to becoming more polarized?  Walter Williams hits a home run explaining it in this week’s column, Conflict or Cooperation.

The prime feature of political decision-making is that it’s a zero-sum game. One person’s gain is of necessity another person’s loss.  The greater the number of decisions made in the political arena, the greater the potential for conflict.

To illustrate:

Different Americans have different and often intense preferences for all kinds of goods and services. Some of us have strong preferences for beer and distaste for wine while others have the opposite preference — strong preferences for wine and distaste for beer.

When’s the last time you heard of beer drinkers in conflict with wine drinkers…?

It seldom if ever happens because beer…lovers get what they want.  Wine…lovers get what they want and they all can live in peace with one another.

It would be easy to create conflict among these people. Instead of free choice and private decision-making, …beverage decisions could be made in the political arena. In other words, have a democratic majority-rule process to decide what drinks…that would be allowed. Then we would see wine lovers organized against beer lovers. Conflict would emerge solely because the decision was made in the political arena.

Very true.  If we keep pushing decisions into the political arena we will see more conflict.

Not only is freedom a basic right, it also produces the best results.

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