Slippery Slope

We’re on it folks.

HT to Cafe Hayek for the link to this video of Pelosi justifying government force.  It’s about a minute long and worth watching.

In it she justifies the penalty of jail time for not following the government mandate to purchase health insurance as better than someone being able to go to the emergency room for free and send the bill to you.

Pelosi correctly identifies that one of the problems with health care today is that people are not held responsible for paying for what they use.  Emergency rooms are not allowed by the government to deny treatment.

So, now we get more government interference to try to fix the problems caused by previous government interference.  It’s not hard to imagine what’s next.  When we all pay for everyone elses’ health care, politicians will say that they have the right to even more interference in our lives.  Trans fat bans, sugar taxes and table salt bans are already being discussed.

What’s next?

Is it that unbelievable to imagine government mandated diet and exercise rationing?   We all get to live our lives by the government mandated rule book.

We’re on the slippery slope.

Something a German lady told me last summer keeps coming to my mind.  I asked her about a recent bike tour she took in Germany.  She told me the people there still have a communist mindset.  She explained that meant they were generally mean people who lived their lives by the rulebook.  That’s starting to make more and more sense.



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