How Much Effort Do You Put Into Recruiting?

You should always be recruiting.  Whether you’re running a business, a household or both, you should always be a on the look out for good talent.

Good talent is usually easy to spot.  They’re the one’s that make your life easier.  Be it a painter that you can rely on to get the job done right, on time and you can trust to have in your home, or an associate that you would like to have on your team now or someday, you’ll be better off if you know who these people are as you find them.

Next topic, promotion.

Once you find these people, your next job is to promote them and try to open doors for them.  Again, be it the good painter or your associate, part of your job other than paying these people for their services is to let others know about them and try to open doors.

Actively recruiting and promoting will make your life easier and will result in great success.


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