McClanahan in the Kansas City Star

McClanahan’s column, DC calliope wheezes along — to no good end,  in Sunday’s Kansas City Star is worth a read.  He makes several good points.

Here McClanahan wonders about sidewalk repair paid for by stimulus dollars:

But sidewalks? It’s a bit deflating. Then you think: The government went into debt, to fix sidewalks in Kansas City? And when did fixing our sidewalks become a federal responsibility?

Another good point:

As long as I have followed politics and the markets, I can’t remember a time when people speculated openly about a possible debt default by the U.S. government. Yet that’s what’s going on.

And, I think he’s right about this:

More voters are fed up with politicians who casually spray our money everywhere and whose only approach to national problems is more regulation, ballooning entitlements, higher taxes and more debt.

Well said.

The only critique of the column I’d offer is that McClanahan wrote the Bush II ended with a deficit that totaled 1.2% of GDP, but he didn’t include what the Federal government deficit will be under Obama.


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