Dr. Marc Lamont on O’Reilly Factor

I just watched an O’Reilly Factor from this past week with professor Marc Lamont of Columbia University.  I have not been able to find a link to this video yet, but I am hopeful that one will soon come available because I can find some older appearances by Dr.  Lamont on the Factor.

I found this one bothersome because of the assertions Dr. Lamont made without being asked for proof.  Commenting on the State of the Union address, he said that he liked it when Obama got around to coming down hard on the Republicans.

He said Republicans were being obstructionist because of their block voting against legislation.

O’Reilly made a couple of great points.

  • Democrats shouldn’t need the Republican votes since the Democrats have the majority in Congress.
  • Maybe the legislation has been so far leftist that Republicans can’t go for it and the reason the Democrats have trouble getting the Democrat vote is because it’s even too far left for conservative Democrats.

Then O’Reilly said that if you believe Republicans were being obstructionist, then they were either doing so because they don’t believe in the legislation or they’re doing so to hurt the country.   Lamont encouraged O’Reilly to complete that thought and say “Republicans are intentionally trying to hurt the country”

Lamont’s argument is weak and could have been toppled or strengthened had O’Reilly gone one step further.  O’Reilly should have asked Lamont to give an example of legislation that received a Republican block no-vote that’s not leftist.

Believing that Republican’s sole intentions are to hurt the country, may do a lot for the psyche of someone like Dr. Lamont, but it simply isn’t the truth.

Has Dr. Lamont ever read a book by a conservative?  Does he know what conservative principles are?  Conservative principles aren’t about bashing the opposing party for the sake of it.  It’s not like a Sunday afternoon football game where both teams are trying to simply outscore the other team.

Conservative principles, believe it or not, are about allowing people to live their lives freely with protections against the illegitimate use of power from others.  We think that gives everyone the best chance for achieving their goals in life.

If you apply that filter to the Republican no-votes, you may gain a better understanding of the reasoning behind the voting.  It’s not something as wispy as “they want to the Democrats” or “Obama” to fail.

The easiest test would be for Obama or Democrats to try something that does align with conservative principles and see how quickly Republicans rush to support it.

If Lamont has a problem with conservative principles, I encourage him to voice those problems and let’s discuss the merits of those principles.  Falsely accusing Republicans is another example of how one side talks past the other side and valuable TV air time was wasted talking about nothing of substance, rather than talking about the real issue.


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