Dennis Prager is on to Something

Dennis Prager’s column, Thank You to These Businesses and Products, is a good reminder that we should be thankful for how good we have it.  As a society, we are excellent at whining about our problems but, not so good at recognizing the things that make our lives better.

Here are some of the things I can about that have helped the quality of my life in the last few days:

  • The Realtime 4-wheel drive on my Honda C-RV made it easier and safer for us to get to and from work and visit family over a snowy Christmas weekend.
  • The local tire store was able to fit us in on short notice and put new tires on my other car right before the snow.
  • Plastic disc sleds and a snow shovel produces hours of entertainment for my family in building a sled run in our backyard.
  • The mapping software on my iPod Touch, connected via wireless to the Internet through my AT&T Uverse service, and a Sprint cell phone allowed me to help my wife find a safe route home during blizzard conditions.
  • Grocery stores open for our convenience, stocked full of food and household items.
  • The Wii game console which has turned my living room into a bowling alley.
  • Band-Aids, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and anti-biotic ointment that allowed me to administer first aid on a minor break in my skin that was starting to become infected.  Now, a day later, it’s healed.
  • The people who made all of the stuff in my house that makes a much cozier environment that one that exists just a few feet away during a blizzard.   The roof keeps us dry.  The walls keep out the wind.  The insulation keeps out the cold and noise.  The furnace and natural gas extracted from deep within the earth keeps it warm inside.

Those are just a few things that come to mind.  Every minute of my day I come into contact with something that makes my life better.  I like Prager’s resolution to keep that in mind and discuss those things.


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