Coffee Value Proposition

Within two blocks of my workplace are 10 places to buy a cup of coffee.  Starbucks, one block away usually wins the battle of value proposition.  As one of my coffee buddies and I walked there one days, we nailed the key piece of value proposition that keeps us coming back to Starbucks – consistency.    Other places have good cups of coffee and good service, but not all the time.  We take less chance with Starbucks.

Part of that consistency can be attributed to their operations – hiring, training, delivery, brewing, roasting, etc.  They consistently deliver a good cup of coffee and friendly service.

Another part of that consistency has to do with their success.  They pour a lot of coffee, so we know that there’s a much better chance that the coffee is fresh and tasty.

Today, however, we opted for a closer cup of coffee.  With temperatures outside near the single digits, we decided that not having to leave the building was good enough value proposition.

Value proposition is a fickle and ever changing thing.


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