Not So Hot

And here’s the story of how raw data of one temperature monitoring station can be adjusted to make a cooling trend look like an alarming warming trend. I lifted the key graph.  I highly encourage you to read the whole thing and check out other posts on that blog.  Thanks to Anthony Watts and all the contributors to the Watts Up With That? blog.

The black line shows the adjustments added to this station’s actual temperature readings.  The actual temperature readings are shown in blue.  Add them together and you get the red line.

I will reprint the author, Willis Eschenbach’s disclosure:

Now, I want to be clear here. The blatantly bogus GHCN adjustment for this one station does NOT mean that the earth is not warming. It also does NOT mean that the three records (CRU, GISS, and GHCN) are generally wrong either. This may be an isolated incident, we don’t know. But every time the data gets revised and homogenized, the trends keep increasing. Now GISS does their own adjustments. However, as they keep telling us, they get the same answer as GHCN gets … which makes their numbers suspicious as well.

Disturbing Temperature Adjustments

1 thought on “Not So Hot

  1. There are some things that man MAY be responsible for – but the effects are trivial compared with natural cycles. Things that should be addressed are felling of the Tropical and Siberian forests and particulate pollution in the upper atmosphere – possibly caused by aircraft – which falls on glaciers and arctic snows, promoting retention of solar energy & melting. S02 and methane are much more vicious promoters of “global warming” than CO2, indeed, higher CO2 promotes more vigorous plant growth!


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