As climategate grows, it confirms something I’ve known for a long time.  Scientists are human and they are subject to the same biases, politics, agendas, groupthink and response to incentives as the rest of us.

The funny thing is, I think I recall learning that in my 8th grade science class when studied the history of science.  Scientists that had ideas that didn’t line up with the general consensus of the science community were not treated well.  If the ideas were correct, though, they would eventually win out.  But, it would often take decades, if not centuries, before the truth came out.  Sitting in an 8th grade class you just don’t get a sense for the passage of that time.

If I recall my paradigm shifting lesson, pioneers explain anomalies and those aren’t always well accept by the current members that reinforce the current paradigm.  But, over time, some aspiring scientists who aren’t as tied into the politics of the current paradigm test the new ideas out and over the course of time – sometimes a very long time – if the new ideas appear to be true they’re incorporated into a new paradigm.

Peer review doesn’t quite have the check-and-balance strength that many in the non-science community implicitly believe.  It’s subject to the workings of the paradigm.  Big surprise.  The scientific community and organized religion have strong parallels – both are staffed with humans.

My opinion on global warming?  The climate changes naturally.  It always has and always will.  But, it changes at a slow enough pace for us to adapt.  Yes, that means that 100 or 200 or 200,000 years from now things may be different.  But, things were very different 10,000 years ago and we seem to getting along okay now.  We adapted.  We’ve been measuring temperature, very imperfectly, for a very short time compared to the history of Earth.

The idea that we need to preserve Earth’s climate as it was in 1950 with little variation, to me, is even more self-centered and presumptuous than what global warming believers think of Hummer drivers.

Things change.  Bad stuff will happen, so will good stuff.   As soon as we think we’ve got the Earth temperature-controlled (which won’t happen – sorry kids), we’ll get smacked by an asteroid, comet or gamma burst from a nearby supernova.  Or the Earth’s magnetic field with collapse and expose us to the full brunt of the Sun’s radiation.  Or we’ll simply find out that climate change was necessary to balance something else that we haven’t thought of yet.

Of course, I could be wrong.  But, I’m not asking you to change the way you live now for something that may not be happening.


1 thought on “Climategate

  1. One warning I want to share with the American citizens is that I am concerned that in light of all the inconsistencies found in the Climate Change Science ( huge numbers )has been found, how is it that the Democrats in congress want to use thes disproved measurements to push through the Copenhagen Treaty? If they were buying a business and found the record keeping books of that business had been cooked and were not accurate – would they still be willing to buy that business? I think not? How do they think their constituents will or would be willing to accept this manipulated Science? Especially with an election coming up in 2010! These Democrats must figure that after the Copenhagen Treaty there will never be elections again? Watch these people and Pres. Obama they truly are a Rogues Carpet Bagger Gallery! You better head them off at the pass, if you want to retain your freedom!

    Attention, American and Canadian citizens we are so close to losing our Sovereignty and our Freedom, is barely hanging by a thread! Make your voice and your rights known, as you are the boss not the politicans you voted into power!
    Time is getting short and it is coming down to the fact, that soon ( December 7 to December 18 ) I will have to pray to the good Lord to maintain our freedoms and that God will not allow our leaders to sign the Copenhagen Treaty, which will take away our liberties, let go and let God, this being a challenge to our Lord and Saviour? However, while there is still time to prevent the loss of a lifetime, perhaps loss of life it’s self – I will do what I am able to fight for our freedoms! The whole Climate Change agenda is a proven fraud and racketeering, but the United Nations and Globalist governments don’t care as that is just the excuse instrument they have used to ensnare us, they are going to try to push it through anyway! Has everybody out there become a tree hugger? The tree will be standing 100 years from now, but will you be looking at the tree, from inside the fence of a Concentration Camp? Anyone out there want to fight to maintain their freedom anymore? Please do all you can to preserve freedom in North America!

    Check out what Government is doing behind your back at:

    Canadians: To request that PM Harper doesn’t sign the Copenhagen Treaty, thereby causing
    Canadians to lose their Sovereignty and Freedom, email the PM at:

    Any lawyers want to help out by filing this Copenhagen Treaty, be classified as an illegal Treaty, in order to, help save Freedom in North America? ( Unlimited Promotion Opportunity Here For a Law firm to Gain a favorable high profile credibility! )

    Protest the inaccuracy and Fraud of Climate change measurements that are going to be used in the Copenhagen Treaty:


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