Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock, a sport columnist, won my “Critical Thinker of the Week” award in March.   I’ve read Jason’s sports and non-sports columns over the years. I’ve always found his non-sports columns to be good examples of using our brains, to think through a situation and not automatically let conventional wisdom or our relexive biases do all the work for us.

That’s why I was disappointed with Whitlock’s column about Rush Limbaugh.  I wondered if this column was written by the same guy who wrote the past columns I appreciated so much.  From top to bottom the column is just plain dumb.  The pinnacle of stupidity was when he used unsubstantiated and quotes and, rather than doing the homework to substantiate the quotes, he puts up a flimsy argument that Rush doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt because “he’s earned a fortune with racial satire.  He know what he’s doing.”

That’s idiotic, fallacious and motivated by hate.


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