Political Know-It-Alls

Is there any subject where so many people are experts as politics?

What is it the prevents people from considering that they don’t know everything when it comes to politics?  On so many other topics we are open and willing to learn from others.  I know excellent gardeners who are open to new tips and tricks to improve their own gardens and athletes looking for ways to improve their training programs. 

But, when it comes to politics people are cemented in their views.  All stuff from the other side is bad and all stuff from their side is good.  Someone starts to stay something that doesn’t jive with our worldview and we tune them out never considering that they might have a good point and they may not be as far from our own view as we think.

I’m not sure why this is.  My political views have changed significantly over my lifetime.   I think part of the reason is that I’ve tried not to let my views become cemented.  Like a good gardener, I’m much more interested in finding out about the stuff that works. 

Something that doesn’t happen often in political discussions is for one side to pause and simply ask, “why do you believe that?”.


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