Government Health Care

Four reasons I don’t like it.

  1. Bad incentives.  See K-12 education system. 
  2. It gives do-gooders ever more right to coerce your lifestyle choices.  They get to use the, “if my dollars pay your health care, then you must do what I say.”
  3. The government has done enough damage to health care already with it’s tax treatment of health insurance premiums and the part of health care that is already socialized.  Costs have risen in lockstep with government’s involvement and the movement of payments to third party. We should reverse the trend, rather than accelerate it.
  4. Other countries that have gone to socialized medicine allow a small group of decision makers to trade off valuable attributes such as short wait times, innovation and high quality staff and equipment for expense savings.

Moving more of health care from the realm of individual, value-motivated, outcome based decisions into the realm of centralized, politically-motivatived, intention based decisions will erode the quality of health care over the coming decades by stifling innovation and rewarding mediocrity.


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