The Backseat CEO

I realized I didn’t want to be engineer while earning my engineering degree.  My classmates told stories of how they took apart toasters, clock radios and car engines as kids because they wanted to figure out how those worked. 

I didn’t. 

I liked to take apart something else: businesses and organizations.  I was fascinated by what lied under the hood of businesses.  What makes them tick?  How do they make money?  How do they spend money?  Who makes the decisions?  What separates big businesses and organizations from the small ones?  Why are some businesses successful and some aren’t?

I went on to earn an MBA and changed my career to business.  It struck me when I earned my MBA that I didn’t really know much.  I knew about things like financial statements, different types of capital and leadership types, but they were all floating around in a sea of randomness.  I didn’t know the important, if any of it, from the noise.  But, I continued breaking businesses apart to find out what made them work.

As I learned about all types of businesses and organizations I realized not many people know the true answers to business success.  If they did, the success rate of business would be much higher, no?  Maybe not.  Maybe so.

I don’t know either.  But, I have some thoughts based on my education, experience and observations. 

In my experience I’ve been lucky enough to get to know and work with small business owners, entreprenuers, business executives, management at all levels of the organization, business consultant graduates from the finest business schools in the country, former military leaders and people who have just knocked around in life.  They don’t know either.  I’ve learned from them and, over the years, have come to advise some of them with good results.

I started this blog to capture the thoughts and observations I’ve made over the years and capture more as I make them. 

My hope is this might reach others to help them.  Some people get their kicks from the hum of a well maintained and adjusted car engine. 

I get my kicks from the hum of a well run business or organization.


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