Random Thoughts

As a nod to Thomas Sowell and Jerry Heaster (a former business columnist for the local newspaper), I’m trying a random thoughts post.

Some have made a great point this week that Clarence Thomas’s “compelling life story” or his minority status didn’t get near the mileage in the media as Sotomoyer’s.  I have yet to come across a good reason why.  A sure sign of a media doing its job correctly would be an intense focus on Sotomoyer’s qualifications for the Supreme Court. 

Star Trek was an excellent movie.

North Korea.  Who didn’t see that coming?  The sad but true reason why we must keep a strong defense, you can’t trust other humans. 

Talking heads must get bored doing their jobs.  They must look forward to being able to say the hot phrases such as ‘compelling life story’.  Thanks to Chris Stigall for sharing a montage of those words from the past few days.  Can anyone else remember when the hot phrase was ‘Boutrous Boutrous-Ghali’? 

Michael Savage stopped caring on his radio show this week and it resulted in some entertaining radio.  Limbaugh seemed to take that approach a few years back.  Hannity should try it. 

GM. Chrysler. Banks. Dipping Treasuries. Large deficit.  The changes going on around us remind me of the way Elie Wiesel described the changes afoot in his community leading up to the Halocaust in his excellent book Night, which was a unwillingness to believe that anything that bad was happening and that everything would turn out okay.  A good visual depiction of this human behavior can be seen in the original Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price (the original I Am Legend with Will Smith). 

I’m the crazy one for thinking it strange for the government (i.e. Barack Obama, who else is calling the shots?) to own a majority of GM while Sweden, a Socialist country, said it wasn’t going to bail out its auto company because it wasn’t prepared to run an auto business.  And people keep buying the “he doesn’t want to run auto companies and the banks” line.

I love to read and listen to debates.  I often hear someone accuse the other of being wrong.  I rarely hear them explain why.

I think I’m losing the taste for Starbucks coffee.  Or maybe they’re just not keeping it fresh (brew every 20 minutes) like they use to.


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