Jeneane Garafolo

Bravo!  Genius comedienne!  Such great irony.  Was I the only one that picked up on it?  Maybe.  That’s a sure sign that it was’t funny.

What irony, you ask?  In her blatantly false rant about the Tax Day Tea Parties and the people involved, Ms. Garafolo exhibited the behavior she falsely accused on conservatives and Tea Bag participants.  She judged a group of people inferior based on her false belief of a shared difference in physiology.   

However unfunny her attempt at humor was, us enlarged limbic system folks would love it if a reasonable person, like Ms. Garafolo, would engage us on the true reasons for the Tea Parties. 

Ms. Garafolo, Do you think it’s a good idea for government to spend more than it ever has?  If so, why?  Do you think it’s a good idea for government to use taxpayer money to bail out businesses where company leaders made bad choices?  If so, why?


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