True Measures

To control my weight I discovered the scale doesn’t lie.  It is an honest feedback tool.  It gives mea true measure of my weight.  Since it’s inanimate, it has nothing to gain or lose by lying or saying I did a good job when the truth is I didn’t.

Glenn Beck had Sir Richard Branson, billionaire founder of Virgin, on his program a year or two ago.  Beck asked Branson why the US has such bad airlines.  Branson replied, “because you don’t let them fail.”  Profit is a true measure of whether a business supplies value to customers or not.   Yet, as Branson correctly points out, as a society we override this measure, usually to save jobs or maintain competition but the truth is the business is not providing value to society.

Wonder if your city, county, state or country is doing things right?  Don’t look at what they’re doing, look at the true measure.  How does the people moving in compare with the people moving out.


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