Getting By in This Economy

The bad economy was the common angle on this evening’s local TV news.  Charities need more donations because they’re getting less donations in the bad economy.  More people are turning to charities because of the bad economy.  Restaurants were busier this Easter because of the bad economy (“a rare and welcome break from the kitchen”). 

A conversation I had yesterday sparked an idea.  I’d love to see stories about people rising to the challenge of this economy by making responsible choices so they’ll come out of the economy stronger, more self-reliant and in a better position to help those who need it.

The conversation that sparked this idea was with a former neighbor who has owned and operated a business from her home since I’ve known her.  Over the years she’s cleaned toilets, ran estate sales, provided coaching and administrative services to other businesses and offered notary services among other things.  She lives within her means.  When times were better, she wasn’t tempted to take out a bigger mortgage.  She reminded me that it always pays to be industrious and look for ways to make yourself valuable to others and not to wait around for others to solve your problems.

I’ll make this a recurring thread here.  Please share your stories.  This is how we get out of this mess.


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