Communicating Conservative Principles

Some time ago Michael Moore appeared on The View with conservative columnist Star Parker.  On that show Moore said we have socialized roads, police and fire departments and socialized retirement (Social Security).  He then he asked why not socialized medicine?  I can’t remember how Star Parker responded.  I remember I agreed with her, but if you didn’t already agree with Parker’s view, what she said didn’t win any converts.

It’s tough to communicate conservative values effectively in short, emotional debates.  Churchill said twenty year old conservatives must have no hearts while forty year old liberals must have no brains.  He understood that it took years of thoughtful experience to learn that conservative principles are more likely to result in the heart’s desire of a compassionate twenty year old.

I agree with Churchill.  It took me a few years to convert, but that doesn’t excuse conservatives from finding creative, concise and effective ways to communicate our principles.

Since Moore’s View appearance, I’ve heard several of my liberal friends repeat Moore’s line of reasoning about socialism.  I’d love to hear suggestions for how to counter this expediently.  My attempts so far have not been effective. 

What I’ve used so far goes something like this: schools, fire and police departments are managed locally, not nationally.  In other words, there’s not one Federal police department.  Cities with bad schools, police or fire departments will lose citizens and tax base to cities with good ones.  This encourages poorly ran cities to improve services to attract and retain its tax base, enables innovation and avoids a single point of failure. 

Perhaps, I should first ask the other person whether they support the locally managed departments or one federal department and ask why.


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