Critical Thinker of the Week

Jason Whitlock, a Kansas City sports columnist, exhibits great critical thinking in this column from Sunday’s Kansas City Star about racial collegiate graduation statistics.

Whether he’s right or wrong isn’t the point. It interests me that he doesn’t blindly accept the politically correct, expedient, nod-in-agreement-or-be-chastised-into-oblivion hypothesis.  And, he doesn’t question the quality of the statistics.  He offers altnernative, plausible explanations for the stats and asks for alternative ways to cut the stats that might add to the picture.  For example, he’d like to see the stats by  parental situation (two parent, single parent, no parent) rather than race alone.  Whitlock is in good company.  Thomas Sowell makes the same point. 

I’m interested to see the fallout of Jason’s column.  If the past is any guide, he’s sure to be called names, ridiculed and discredited (after all, he’s just a sports guy, right?), but you can rest assured that few, if any, of his critics will address the validity of his points.

However it comes out, Jason Whitlock recieves my very first Mind Changers Critical Thinker of the Week Award.   Congratulations Jason!



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