Rush Limbaugh

I may be defective because I appreciate the merits of an argument more than the style in which presented.  But style is in.  Big time.

Consider Rush Limbaugh.  Over the last few years, liberals successfully marginalized Rush by changing the subject from what he says to how he says it.  Defend Rush in the slightest and you’re called  a simple-minded, dittohead moron.  Conservative friends of mine are trained well.  They reflexively bash Rush and never try to discuss the merits of a position Rush has on an issue for fear of  being shunned. The social costs are too great.  When I ask them to explain which of Rush’s points they disagree with, they either say they don’t know or that they agree on  many points, but they just don’t like his style.

When I hear a Rush-bashing caller on radio programs I hope they present an argument with some rational, logical refutation of a position Rush has put forth.  Then, shortly thereafter, I’m disappointed again.  Just another name caller.

It’s time to move the conversation back to the merits.   I’m tired of being bullied away from discussing the meat and potatoes of an issue.

Thomas Sowell read my mind.


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