What is money?

“Would you like ketchup,” asked the man in the Burger King drive thru. 

“No thanks.”  I pulled forward then stopped to put the change in my wallet. 

My son asked, “Why are you stopping?”

“To put money away,” I said.

“What is money?”

Great question!  Nobody knows what gravity is or why the speed of light is the speed of light, yet those things are integral to our lives, much like money.  And, like gravity and the speed of light, so few people understand what money is. 

Money allows me to trade the value I create for my employer for things that I value. 

It’s easy to forget, or never learn, that the ability to trade for things of value is earned by creating value for others.  Many people expect to spend the value others create.  There’s only so much  of that to go around.


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