Super Delegate Hypocrisy

Many of my Democratic/liberal friends and family members have expressed support for the idea of getting rid of the Electoral College (although none of them have given me good rationale based on my earlier post on the subject).

I wonder what they think about the Super Delegate  – Delegate structure used by the Democratic party to select a Presidential candidate?

2 thoughts on “Super Delegate Hypocrisy

  1. As a non-conservative I’m not going to be hypocritical about the Super Delegates they need to go… I think the idea behind Super Delegates and the Electoral College are the same thing and to me they are out dated and an extra layer of government or deciders that is unwarranted.

    First, they both represent the idea that the people can’t make up their own mind. Especially with Super Delegates, it’s just another form of Lobbying. There is no reason their vote should be sought after like some nugget of gold in an Indiana Jones movie. The results should speak for themselves and if there’s a tie… Thumb wrestling or some sort of robot war should suffice.

    Second, they are out dated ideas. In this day and age no one is unreachable. If they choose not to participate in the best political system in the world then that’s their right. Let them stay under that rock and not participate. No one in either party would like how they were going to vote anyway.

    Third, isn’t it really just another filter all this has to run though, a filter that cost money, time and effort. When the vote of the people should have settled everything?

  2. Thanks for the post Sean.

    I don’t know much about the super delegates, so you may be right on that one. I disagree with you about the idea behind the Electoral College. The idea isn’t that people can’t make up their own mind. Nor, is to make up for unreachable people.

    The idea behind the Electoral College is balance of power. It’s a check and balance. The reason this is the best political system in the world is because of the balance of power our system has in it.

    The Constitution is nothing more than an insurance policy against dictatorship written by people who lived under the rule of a dictator and fought for their freedom from that dictator. Almost every word of the Constitution is designed to layout a system of government where the consolidation of power into a single dictator is made very difficult.

    It took me a long time to get my arms around the importance of the balance of power we have in this country. It’s a nearly abstract concept that doesn’t make a lot of sense until you have some experience forming organizations where you have to design how decisions get made. It’s so abstract that many history teachers in the country probably don’t even grasp it (which may explain your understanding of it and which meshes with what I recall being taught to me in school as well).

    But, the balance of power is nothing short of the very source of our freedom and the relatively high standard of human rights that we enjoy.

    If someone (who has never lived under dictator rule) is going to make a successful argument to change my mind about keeping one of the checks and balances put in place by people who fought to free themselves from a dictator, then I’d at least want to see that person to understand the basic reason for the Electoral College.

    I just leave you with one last thought – Germany didn’t have an Electoral College when it elected Hitler.


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